​​​Building the dream

A Reality Check


We have spent $231,483 on construction in the 3 years we have been remodeling the building.  This includes: insulation, new roof, sheet rock, rest rooms, appliances, furnace conversion to natural gas, green room for actors, and labor for some of these items. $144,007 was spent locally.

We have had about $200,000 in donated items including: stage platforms, office computer, printer, 2 washers and 2 dryers, electrical parts, baby grand piano, and much more. This does not count the donated labor.

As of March 30, 2019 we have had 91 people who have volunteered 4165 construction hours, most of which has been on Saturday mornings. We have about 10 regular Saturday volunteers. If you’d like to help, just show up any Saturday 9 am to noon.

The next steps include:

Complete outside insulation/stucco/paint     $25,000
Build the north storage room                         $45,000
     Storage will house: tables, chairs, platforms, flats, props, furniture, lawn mower, the lift, lumber, electrical and plumbing parts and supplies, rolling carts, fork lift
Build the south foyer                                    $150,000  
     To include patron restrooms, concession area
Concrete the back half of the building           $15,000
Get a new quieter heating system                  $15,000
Total:                                                           $250,000

Saturday work parties are for building construction. They can and do occasionally help with production needs, but this is not their main focus.
We received a recent $30,000 Community Strategies grant from the Innovia Foundation, which will be spent in the next few months on the North Storage Project.

To be able to continue moving forward: we are applying for more grants, we need to find more volunteers willing to help on Sat mornings, and we continue to accept and need donations.

The cost to operate the building is approximately $24,000 per year. This covers insurance, mortgage, utilities, administration expenses, licenses
We made about $12,000 this past year in rentals, ticket sales, tuition and concessions. The rest of the operating budget came from donations.

Donations of time and/or money are greatly needed, appreciated and accepted!!

Chewelah Center for the Arts, PO Box 1113, Chewelah WA 99109