The theatre at the Chewelah Center for the Arts will be a “flexible staging configuration”, live-performance space.  What does that mean?  It is likely that each time an individual buys a ticket to see a performance at the Center, they will walk into a different arrangement of seats and stages.  For example, an intimate play may be staged “in the round”, with seats on all four sides.   A ballet might very well be staged more formally with a “proscenium arch” configuration.  It will even be possible to remove stages, seating and platforms to allow the space to be used for large trade shows or events requiring tables and chair seating.

How is this magical staging and seating arrangement possible?    Matt Hales, a graduate of Jenkins HS and Eastern Washington University's theatre department, currently works for Tait Towers, one of the largest staging companies in the entertainment industry.  Through his dedication and support, we were able to get a large stage platform setup donated to us. 

The Center will begin operations with a standard 199 seat set up.  The option to add additional seating will remain open, should seat demand increase in the future.  That would be a great measure of success, indeed.

Examples of Flexible Staging

Chewelah Center for the Arts Staging Plans

​​​Building the dream